Social network etiquette for journalists released hinh anh 1VJA Permanent Vice President Ho Quang Loi (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Vietnam Journalists’ Association (VJA) has publicized social network rules for journalists, highlighting the four do’s and eight don’ts for them.   

Accordingly, journalists should use their accounts on social networks to interact with one another, share and post information that serves interests of the society and the nation, and comment on issues of public concern in a correct, cultural and responsible manner.

They should inform competent agencies about wrongful information spread on social networks, which adversely impacts and harms interests of the community and the country, as well as prestige of organisations and individuals.

The rules allow journalists to detect, verify and use information about new social issues to serve their job.

However, they must not violate regulations on managing, supplying and using information on social networks, on data and document security as well as personal information protection, and other regulations of the laws.

Journalists must not post and remove articles, photos and audio articles on social networks for extortion or other ill purposes.

The rules ban journalists from posting articles, photos and audio articles on social networks, sharing their comments and viewpoints or quoting speeches and opinions against guidelines and policies of the Party and State, the contents of the articles they have written and published, and viewpoints of their agencies.
They must avoid commenting and sharing information that aims to incite the public to go against complex and sensitive politic, economic, cultural and social issues, as well as those regarding national defence and security, and diplomatic affairs that need positive, constructive response  and consensus of the community.

Copying, sharing and spreading articles, audio articles and photos collected illegally are also prohibited.

Journalists must not publicize unverified information that may cause unrest among the public as well as losses to socio-economic activities, and hinder the operation of State agencies or on-duty officials. They must not also physically harm citizens and negatively affect their dignity, incite violence and support a lifestyle of debauchery, superstition, bad behaviors and discrimination in genders, regions, ethnic groups and races.

Journalist must avoid vulgar description of obscene cases and crimes, and information unsuitable with traditional culture and morality.

They must not use logos, photos and data of the VJA and use the name of the association to participate in forums and social networks without permission.

The social network rules will create positive changes in press activities in Vietnam, said VJA Permanent Vice President Ho Quang Loi in an interview with the Vietnam News Agency right after the release of the etiquette.

He highlighted journalists’ responsibility for providing and orienting information and guiding public opinions, saying any wrongful opinion and act by journalists on social networks would cause great harm to the community and the society.-VNA