Son La ethnic minority people boosting tourism

The model of community-based tourism in remote communes of Son La province has developed quite strongly over recent years, running in parallel with the restoration of the unique traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities to promote typical ethnic minority identities.

Ngoc Chien commune in Muong La district, Son La province, is home to three ethnic minority groups - the Thai, H’Mong, and La Ha - which boast many unique cultural features. The commune is also popular for it natural landscapes and mild climate.

Local authorities have introduced a range of solutions to improve sustainable livelihoods through community-based tourism development.

The commune now has nearly 20 homestays and motels to meet the needs of tourists. 

Ta So village in Chieng Hac commune, Moc Chau district, is the home of H’Mong ethnic minority people who previously lived and worked high in the mountains.

But since the community-based tourism development programme began, local people have changed their ways.

The friendly and hospitable local people have added their own cultural background to tourism offerings.

The local tourism model is imbued with cultural identity and associated with programmes and projects to create livelihoods for people in Moc Chau district. 

Located in the heart of the northwest mountains, Son La province possesses rich and diverse natural and tourism resources. It has therefore been introducing policies to support tourism development in general and community-based tourism in particular.

Localities have focused on investing in transport infrastructure, renovating landscapes, improving human resources, and conducting training on digital transformation and implementing tourism and tourism products. 

Tourists to Son La reached 3.2 million last year. Community-based tourism not only offers socio-economic benefits and improves people’s lives but also makes an important contribution to preserving and promoting cultural values and protecting landscapes and the natural environment./.