State leader attends 2023 Homeland Spring programme

On January 14 in Hanoi, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc beat the drum to kick off the 2023 “Xuan Que Huong” (Homeland Spring), the biggest annual event for overseas Vietnamese on the occasion of the Lunar New Year festival.

In his remarks, the President briefed the overseas Vietnamese on the country’s socio-economic situation in 2022, and affirmed that Vietnamese abroad form an integral part of the nation and an important factor helping to enhance cooperation and friendship between Vietnam and other countries.

He hailed OVs for their material and spiritual contributions to national construction and defence.

He highlighted the increasing remittances which make up 7% of the national GDP, and contributions by overseas Vietnamese intellectuals to scientific-technological and innovative activities in the homeland.

They have also played a role in the country’s external relations, the State leader said.

Over the past years, the State has rolled out various policies to support OVs in conflict-affected areas in the world and worked to raise their legal status in host countries, Phuc stressed.

He called on them to carry forward their patriotism, for a prosperous and powerful Vietnam./.