Patriotic emulators praised

State President praises typical patriotic emulators

The Party and State praise patriotic emulators' great contributions, said the State President.
The Party and State highly value the great, practical and effective contributions of patriotic emulators, State President Nguyen Minh Triet said on Dec. 28.

President Triet made the statement while receiving 118 delegates who are winners of the titles “Hero of the armed forces” and “Hero of labour”, outstanding overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, and have been in Hanoi to attend the 8th National Patriotic Emulation Congress which wrapped up earlier on the day.

The emulators’ achievements demonstrated the strong will and readiness to confront difficulties, the resolve to reach the peak as well as the brainpower and spirit of the Vietnamese, the State leader stressed.

Triet took this occasion to call on every Vietnamese people to study and follow the examples of patriotic emulators and in order to join hands with each other to develop the nation towards socialism.

The president also requested the delegates to transfer the spirit of patriotic emulation to younger generations so that they could uphold the tradition of patriotism and strive for the goal of a rich people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society.

At the function, a number of patriotic emulators briefed on their personal achievements and aspirations regarding the Party and State’s guidelines and policies in a bid to further encourage the spirit of emulation of every Vietnamese./.

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