Sustainable development to create competitiveness

Though Vietnam is still in the process of developing a set of criteria for sustainable development, it is clear that it must act now, as sustainable development is not a cost or a burden but an investment and an opportunity for businesses.

Sustainable development and the harmonious combination of economic efficiency with social responsibility, natural resources, and environmental protection is a topic of increasing attention in the community. This is also the development mindset of this business in Vietnam.

While businesses considered sustainable development to be a job for the future a few years ago and something only for the “big guys” to focus on, the future has now come.

Experts believe that applying environment, social, governance (ESG) criteria in production and business is an indispensable requirement for modern businesses if they wish to raise their position and increase their opportunity to reach customers and expand markets.

A sustainable development strategy closely linked to business goals is seen as a prerequisite for business success. Therefore, businesses are advised to see this as an opportunity instead of a burden./.