Tam Chuc tourism site a bird paradise

The Tam Chuc tourism site in the northern Ha Nam province has long been known for its karst pillars, which give the site the nickname “Inland Ha Long Bay”. Visitors are often amazed by not only the limestone structures but also by the thousands of birds taking to the skies in the area.

The national tourism site of Tam Chuc becomes a paradise for storks in September and October, with thousands arriving to seek food and make nests.

The early dawn and late afternoon are the perfect time for admiring the storks. Their white feathers add to the beauty of colourful Tam Chuc, which features grey karsts, green canopies, blue skies, and silver water.

The Tam Chuc tourism site’s management board has long prioritised environmental protection and biodiversity preservation in order to promote sustainable tourism.

Indeed, it has identified areas with high biodiversity to monitor and preserve local flora and fauna, with a focus on endangered species. It also conducts frequent assessments and seeks measures to improve preservation efforts.

The storks’ continual arrival proves that their efforts have paid off./.