Temple of Literature looks to become creative cultural space

Hanoi has become a member of UNESCO’s Network of Creative Cities. Over recent years, thanks to its rich cultural tradition, Vietnam’s capital has become an incubator of initiatives and creative spaces. Among them is the Temple of Literature, which has organised new activities so that its cultural values are better conveyed to visitors.

This exhibition took place at the Temple of Literature in November 2020 with a diversity of forms of expression along with a modern display in an open space at the site.

The exhibition was like a picture scroll taking visitors back to a time more than six centuries before.

Via a creative arrangement, the exhibition helped visitors gain a deeper insight into the life and education of Chu Van An, an ancestor of Vietnamese Confucians.

In early 2021, for the first time, 60 works by students from arts and architecture universities in Hanoi submitted to the “Sketching the Temple of Literature” competition were displayed at the site.

This helped turn the temple into a creative space with meaningful, attractive, and appealing cultural activities, contributing to the conservation and promotion of the relic’s values and encouraging the city’s students to learn more about the temple and the capital’s other cultural heritages.

In order to preserve and promote cultural heritage and improve the quality of tourism products at the Temple of Literature, its Centre for Scientific and Cultural Activities has launched a contest on designing souvenirs about the site.

Souvenir and gift designs that symbolise the Temple of Literature should possess creative and artistic values and be made from environmentally-friendly and suitable materials.

The Temple of Literature is currently undergoing a project to restore the Phuong Dinh building and Kim Châu Islet in Văn Lake.

Preserving and promoting the value of Văn Lake will contribute greatly to the protection of the Temple of Literature as a whole.

The project not only contributes to regaining lost values but also to creating more cultural and artistic spaces to promote the value of the site.

According to a representative from the UNESCO office in Vietnam, the Temple of Literature can be promoted as a creative educational space, a playground for young people to show their talent to build the site into a cultural rendezvous point./.