The health ministries of Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to jointly care for people who reside along the two countries' border area, while Thailand has also proposed it will support Cambodia in establishing a universal healthcare system.

Thai Minister of Public Health Pradit Sintawanarong revealed that the two public health agreements were reached at a recent conference between Thailand and Cambodia , which was held to discuss human resource development along the border of the two countries and transportation linkages.

The healthcare collaborations include emergency trauma care and the development of patients transfer between hospitals in provinces along the border. Concerning the latter, hospitals in Thailand and Cambodia will be paired up to better facilitate patients from both sides of the border.

Regarding the issue of health care for Cambodian patients who utilise health services on the Thai side, Dr. Pradit said his ministry will see them being charged at affordable rates and receiving care under humanitarian principles.

He said Thailand has proposed that for the long term, Cambodia establish a universal healthcare system to improve its people's access to healthcare. This proposal has been well-received by Cambodia , and Thailand will provide all the know-how that it has in support of the initiative.-VNA