Thai Health Ministry launches second phase of eating less sweet campaign hinh anh 1Thai Ministry of Public Health launches the second phase of "Less sweet, make your choices" campaign (Photo:
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The Thai Ministry of Public Health has launched the second phase of "Less sweet, make your choices" campaign, aiming to reduce the incidence of "sweet tooth" in half the country’s population.

Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha said the first phase of the eating less sweet campaign has changed consumers’ habits and the ministry wants to get at least 50 percent of Thai people to adopt a healthy habit of ordering less sweet drinks this year.

He said the first phase made great strides as campaign monitoring showed 35.5 percent becoming more aware about the amount of sugar intake and level of sweetness in their beverages.

Mr. Sathit explained that for the second phase, the Department of Health developed a mobile phone app "Food4Health", for consumers to calculate their intake of sugar content in drinks. The app can also certify beverages that meet the campaign’s standard for less sugar and pinned the GPS locations of where the certified drinks are served./.