Thailand arrests 22 for human trafficking hinh anh 1Illustrative photo. (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Thai police said on August 13 that they arrested 22 people accused for involvement in trafficking of Rohingya migrants from Myanmar as part of an ongoing large-scale crackdown launched in May.

According to Major-General Paween Pongsirin, a senior police commander in south Thailand, 26 new arrest warrants have been issued for suspects of human trading and money laundering, and 16 others for money laundering related to trafficking, bringing the total number of warrants issued to 145.

In July, Thai prosecutors also announced that 72 people have been indicted for trans-boundary human trafficking. Among those indicted was Lieutenant General Manas Kongpan, who stands accused for overseeing trafficking in the country’s south.

Recently, over 3,500 Bangladeshi people and Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim followers have fled to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, creating a migrant crisis in the region.-VNA