Thailand: motorcycle bomb injures seven hinh anh 1The scene of the attack (Photo:

Bangkok (VNA) – Two senior military officers and five civilians were injured following a motorcycle bomb blast on a highway in Pattani province’s Nong Chik district in southern Thailand on June 9.

A 10kg bomb was hidden in a motorcycle parked on a bridge on Highway 42. It went off when a Toyota Camry and a military bus passed by. The bus was on its way to pick up the children of soldiers after school.

The explosion damaged both vehicles, with a male officier and his female subordinate inside the sedan severely hurt. Of the five injured people on the bus, one is in critical condition.

The attack came after police and military officers had been warned that suspected insurgents were planning an attack in Nong Chik.

Shootings and bombings targeting the military, police and civilians have struck South Thailand in the past few weeks.-VNA