The Thai Ministry of Labour has met with concerned parties to find solutions to the country's human trafficking problems after the US demoted Thailand for abysmal human trafficking records last month.

According to M.L. Puntarig Samithi, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, the meeting came up with measures to deal with Thailand's chronic human trafficking, which call for greater cooperation among concerned parties in enhancing transparency of immigrant labour system, frequently inspecting workplaces and trawlers, amending laws to be more efficient and increasing confidence of foreign countries in Thailand's determination, and its measures to solve the problems.

The fishing industry is facing the severest problem of human trafficking. The ministry is in the process of amending laws and regulations governing operators and workers in the industry to prevent human trafficking. In addition, seven provinces have set up centres on preventing migrant labours from being exploited.

The ministry and other units will on August 1 hold a public forum to clarify its stance and measures on the issue of human trafficking.-VNA