Thailand to revise draft charter hinh anh 1Meechai Ruchupan, supported by Constitution Drafting Committee members (L) addresses parliament (Source: bangkokpost)
Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand’s Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) has announced that it will adjust the draft constitution released on January 29 to ensure that general elections will follow the political road map set by the Government in late 2015.

The decision was carried out after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha re-affirmed that the general election will be held in July 2017.

CDC Chairman Meechai Ruchupan said that the committee will consider changing clauses related to the drafting process and deliberation on drafting 10 new laws relating to elections.

However, it is likely that only five to six new laws necessary for holding elections will be completed to allow for early elections, he stated.

Earlier, concerns over election delays were raised after the CDC released its draft charter, with provisional clauses saying the election of members of parliament (MPs) would be held within 150 days after the National Legislative Assembly enacts the last of the 10 new laws.

The drafting process of the new laws will last up to eight months. However, if not all 10 laws are enacted within the deadline, the current CDC will be dissolved and a replacement will be established to complete the drafting of the remaining new laws, according to the provisional clauses.-VNA