Traditional incense making in Hai Duong thrives before Tet

Quoc Tuan commune in Hai Duong province has long had incense making as a time-honoured trade. The year-round trade seems to be more bustling than ever during the last months of the lunar year.

Coming to the traditional incense making village, we can see the hurried working atmosphere everywhere.

The whole commune counts some 100 households making incense, mainly in Đông Thôn, Trực Trì, and An Xá villages.

On the days ahead of the lunar New Year festival, the work is much busier than normal as supply hardly can meet demand.

On these days, Dam Duc Loi’s facility can produce some 500,000 incense sticks per day, yielding profits from 200-300 million dong. It also helps generate jobs for 30 local workers.

Dam Duc Loi is an incense maker from Dong Thon village, Quoc Tuan commune, Nam Sach district said " As Tet is approaching, the market becomes more bustling with a rising number of clients. With a large number of local workers, we can produce 5-10 fold more than normal days."

Technological advances are now applied in drying incense instead of the sun’s heat. Thanks to incense driers, the trade can thrive year-round. Moreover, the products with medicinal ingredients have a good smell and are safe for users.

Chairman of Quoc Tuan communal People’s Committee, Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province, Nguyen Ba Dung shared "Three quarters of Quoc Tuan’s villages are recognised making traditional incense. The trade has helped create jobs for locals, contributing to the socio-economic development of the locality."

Making traditional incense contributes to improving living standard of locals with rising income per capita. In 2017, the commune’s poor household rate fell to 3.76 percent.

Along with efforts of local makers, local authorities have been creating conditions for its people to develop the trade further through promotions.-VNA