Truong Sa: Intense vitality, warm love between people, soldiers

Despite the difficult conditions, Truong Sa is always stalking like rows of velvetleaf trees resilient against the storm to safeguard the sacred islands of the Fatherland.
Truong Sa: Intense vitality, warm love between people, soldiers ảnh 1The 9th mission and cadres and soldiers Truong Sa Lon Island attend the flag-raising ceremony (Photo: Vietnam +)

Hanoi (VNA) -
Different from initial thought that the archipelago only had corals, sand, gravel, sun and wind, Truong Sa has been developing fast. The used to be submerged islands have been fortified. Floating islands are no different from peaceful villages with red tile roof houses, towering roof temples, rows of arrogant wind fans, water wells, green vegetable gardens, herds of cows, pigs, chickens and ducks ... under the canopy of soldier bush and perennial trees.

In that place, the people on Truong Sa Lon island are simple, their skin darkened by the sun and wind. They are sitting in the middle of the yard drinking water, chatting and laughing. Young children are wandering on the shady tree-lined road or in school uniforms running home after school.

At sunset, the sea suddenly peaceful with flying fish surfing. In the night, each rig stood proudly, lighting up the "eternal flame" in the sky. The fishermen's fishing boats shimmer like "mobile homes."

When we were in Truong Sa, we met soldiers, navy soldiers, witnessed the parade training, talked to the people on the island, we felt that they all share the same optimistic spirit. They are consistently fighting against foreign invaders, nature’s harshness.

Truong Sa: Intense vitality, warm love between people, soldiers ảnh 2Touched moments of parting soldiers at DK1 Rig (Photo: Vietnam +)

During the nearly 9-day journey to Truong Sa, going through 10 islands and the DK1 Phuc Tan rig on the southern continental shelf, we, nearly 200 members of the 9th mission went through a lot of emotions, from happiness to regret. But remaining in the mind of each person is pride and national pride.

The most regretful thing of the delegation during the trip to Truong Sa this time was that we were unable to go to DK1 Phuc Tan Rig. As planned, the whole team was ready, waiting for the boat to be released, called the step down. But by the last minute the big wave made the visit unsuccessful. The mission had to send "wishes over the speaker, giving gifts over the wire" to the soldiers.

Through the walkie-talkie system in the ship's operating room, members of the delegation, from the northern, central to southern regions, sang for them, couldn’t help crying. On the other end of the line, cherishing affection from the mainland, the garrisons sent their thanks, promising to continue to successfully complete the task with a solid, brave sound.

The ship faded away, we still saw the soldiers of the rig waving, in their hands, the red flag of the Nation flew up, affirming national sovereignty.

After the journey, Rear Admiral Pham Van Luyen – Deputy Political Commissar of the Naval Army, Head of the Mission said "going to the island with affection, when returning with full of love and strong belief. "

As for guests from the mainland, though floating on the sea without Wifi, without Facebook, Zalo and all kinds of entertainment of the digital age, we have had a meaningful time, a great valuable experience. That is to see, feel more clearly about the soldiers day and night to keep peace for the homeland sea.

The journey of more than 1,000 nautical miles wrapped up, but it has lit up pride, self-respect for the nation, opened many burning ambitions, urged each person to live and work more meaningful for the Fatherland.

Truong Sa: Intense vitality, warm love between people, soldiers ảnh 3Members of the working mission to visit Truong Sa (Photo: Vietnam+)

Followings are the 10 honorary vows expressing the resilience and pride of officers and soldiers on Truong Sa archipelago.

1.    We solemnly swear to sacrifice everything for the Vietnamese nation; under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, to strive to realize a peaceful, independent and socialist Vietnam, contributing positively to the struggle of the world's people for peace and national independence, democracy and socialism.

2.    We solemnly swear to absolutely obey higher echelon orders and  to make every effort to accomplish promptly and correctly any mission assigned.

3.    We solemnly swear to continuously enhance the s ocial republic patriotic spirit and the proletariat international spirit, to train the determination to fight resolutely and persistently, to win without arrogance, to lose not be discouraged, not losing heart despite hardships, not being discouraged despite danger. Every mission is completed, any difficulty is overcome, defeat every enemy.

4.    We solemnly swear to strive to study to raise the political, military, cultural, scientific and technical qualifications, to thoroughly obey the orders and rules, to forge an organizational character, a disciplinary behaviours,  build up an ever-powerful army and stand ready to engage in combat.

5.    We solemnly swear to raise the spirit of mastering the socialist collective, to fulfil the task of fighting for national defense, building socialism and fulfilling international tasks. Setting an example when mobilizing the people to comply with all the policies lines and laws of the Party and State.

6.    We solemnly swear to stay alert, absolutely keep military and national secrets. If captured by the enemy and even subjected to cruel torture, we are resolute to be loyal to the revolutionary career and will reveal nothing to the enemy.

7.    We solemnly swear to maintain an affection toward various social classes to love our companions wholeheartedly, to affect solidarity and mutual assistance in normal times as well as in combat, create a willpower in the military .

8.    We solemnly swear to properly maintain weapons and equipment, and resolutely prevent them from becoming deteriorated or falling into enemy’s hands. We always display a spirit of safeguarding public properties and avoiding corrupt practices.

9.    We solemnly swear to observe the following three points when contacting the people: to respect the people, to help the people and to protect the people and three commandments: do not appropriate the people’s property, do not oppress the people, do not cause troubles to the people in order to acquire the people’s confidence and love and to create a concord between military and civilian people.  

10.  We solemnly swear to firmly maintain the admirable quality of the People’s Army and always make critique and self-critique. We will never do anything harmful to the honour of the Army and to the prestige of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam./.

Truong Sa: Intense vitality, warm love between people, soldiers ảnh 4Soldiers on Truong Sa archipelago (Photo: Vietnam+)

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