Uncle Ho in the heart of overseas Vietnamese in Laos

Despite being born in foreign countries and having never met Ho Chi Minh, overseas Vietnamese in Laos and Thailand always pay special respect to Uncle Ho. After his death many overseas Vietnamese families in Laos set up altars of Uncle Ho although this is not a Lao custom of making altars in home.

This picture of President Ho Chi Minh has been kept carefully by Nguyen Thi Nuong since she was in France. After his death, the pictute was solemnly put on his altar which has been set up by Nuong after she returned to Laos in 1976.

Born in 1958 in Thailand, from an early age, Nguyen Duc Sau saw his parents and neighbours set up altars to worship Uncle Ho. Love and respect to Uncle Ho have gradually permeated him ever since. He has set up an altar to worship him since 1990 and makes incense to the President every day.

Each time Sau returns to Vietnam, he collects Uncle Ho’s mementos to bring home for display as his own way to pay respect to the Great Father of the nation./.