Unique night market in Dien Bien province

Tủa Chùa, a highland district in the northeast of Dien Bien province, is home to seven ethnic groups. To preserve and promote their traditional cultural values ​, the district has developed a night market into a unique tourism product.

The night market serves not only as a platform to promote local agricultural products, but also a destination for tourists to explore the cultural heritage.

The unique feature of this market is that, all products are sold online through livestream.

Visitors can browse and purchase a variety of items, mostly farm produce.

Every evening, the market comes alive with bustling live stream sales, offering hundreds of items for buyers.

Coming to the market, visitors can also experience the northwest culinary, or immerse themselves in the cultural space with special art performance.

The Tua Chua market is held every Saturday night. After nearly two years of operation, the market is not only a platform for people to promote their products, but also a place to introduce their unique culture to visitors.

The market is planned to become a national tourist area by 2030./.