Users of Vietnamese digital platform surge 23.5% in August

The use of domestic digital platforms in Vietnam recorded a year-on-year rise of 23.5% in August, with 494 million users.

According to data of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnamese people spent more than 934 million hours on local platforms, making up nearly 14 percent of total time they spent on all digital platforms. 

On average, a smart phone user spent roundly 10 hours on Vietnamese digital platforms in August, up 11.4% from July and about 4.5% from January this year. 

Five local platforms reported more than 10 million users monthly, namely Zalo with 75 million, followed by Zing Mp3 with 23.6 million, Momo e-wallet, 19.6 million.

Digital platform users on mobile devices have been on the rise as the number of new app downloads hit about 312 million, surging 19% compared to that in July.

With this momentum, Vietnam is projected to maintain the seventh place in the number of new app downloads globally./.