Vietnam has first int’l trauma life support training centre

The International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Training Centre under the Ministry of National Defence’s Military Hospital 175 officially made its debut in Hanoi on April 15. This is the first of its kind in Vietnam and the fifth established in Southeast Asia.

The establishment of the ITLS training center stems from the requirement for medical staff joining the United Nations peacekeeping operations to hold internationally recognized trauma life support certifications.

Recognizing this need, the ministry's Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, in collaboration with US partners, has been conducting ITLS training courses and instructor development programs for the Military Hospital 175 staff since 2022.

Following 15 months of training, as of January, Military Hospital 175 already certified 110 individuals, including 34 staff members from the level 2 field hospital No. 5, 47 medical personnel from Military Hospital 175, and 29 others from military units./.