Vietnam News Agency releases Innovation in Media World Report in Vietnamese hinh anh 1Source: VNA

Hanoi (VNA)
– The Vietnam News Agency released the Innovation in Media 2020-2021 World Report in Vietnamese on July 8.

The report serves as a useful handbook for media outlets’ managers, reporters and editors as well as corporate communications workers to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

It aims to provide a reliable source of professional reference information for newspapers, editors and reporters as well as those working in the field of bussiness communication in Vietnam.

This is the third report to be copyrighted by the Vietnam News Agency published in Vietnam out of the 11 editions to date of UK-based International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) and Spain-based Innovation Media Consulting Group.

This year’s edition is presented in a completely different way, with the devotion of a whole chapter to the analysis of human resources in journalism - an important area that is rarely mentioned.

The report provides an overview of human resources in journalism, and tools to find talent, recruit and retain them in the organisation.

How to make money has always been a headache for many press agencies over the past time. Therefore, this publication analyses 13 business models that help improve revenues of press agencies.

The report also analyses creative ways of press organisations in new digital storytelling platforms, broadcasting, and printed newspapers.

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