Vietnamese Pho wins hearts of diners in South Africa

In a small corner of Cape Town in South Africa, the Saigon - Vietnamese restaurant has become a familiar place over the past three decades among diners looking to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.

Like many other overseas Vietnamese, Chef Nguyen Van My wanted to introduce Vietnamese culture and dishes to international friends.

My was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, and developed a great passion for food at an early age. He worked in a restaurant in the US. In 1996, My moved to South Africa to realise his dream of introducing Vietnamese cuisine to foreign friends.

He puts his heart into each and every dish, he said, and also spends time seeking original ingredients in order to prepare authentic dishes. 

My said that local people are fond of a late brunch so don’t eat out in the daytime, while dinner is the main meal of the day, so his restaurant is normally packed in the evening.

During Cape Town’s peak tourism season, from November to April, his restaurant can serve from 100 to 200 customers each day.

Diners clearly love the authentic, fresh, and delicious Vietnamese dishes My prepares./.