About 1,550 Vietnamese workers in 15 localities in Libya are in safe places and have contacted Vietnamese diplomatic and labour management and agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on August 5.

The Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and 12 companies sending labourers are preparing to bring the Vietnamese workers in high-risk areas home. In case the situation worsens, all Vietnamese citizens will be withdrawn from Libya.

Vietnamese representative agencies in Libya, Turkey, Egypt and Algeria have been asked to keep an eye on the situation and closely work with companies sending and using labourers to ensure safety for the Vietnamese workers.

Those agencies in Turkey, Egypt and Algeria have called for the three countries to create favourable conditions for the Vietnamese workers to transit.

By August 5, 209 Vietnamese workers had returned home and 182 others left the clash areas of Tripoli and Benghazi.-VNA