VN confirms policy on human rights

VN has confirmed its consistent policy of respecting, protecting and promoting human rights.
The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman has confirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of respecting, protecting and promoting human rights.

Spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi made the statement while answering reporters’ question regarding the US Lower House of Representatives’ adoption of the Vietnam Human Rights Act of 2012 (H.R. 1410) and Resolution H. Res. 484 on September 11 calling on the “Government of Vietnam” to respect human rights.

“In the past years, Vietnam has obtained many achievements in securing human rights in all civil, political, economic, cultural and social areas, which have been recognised by the international community,” Nghi said.

Human rights’ promotion and people’s active involvement in the country’s all socio-economic aspects are important elements to the success of the renewal process in Vietnam, he added.

Vietnam and US have seen positive progresses in relations in recent years, Nghi said, adding that both countries have regularly discussed issues of common concern, including human rights, in the spirit of frankness, constructiveness and mutual respect.

This is the best measure to increase mutual understanding and narrow differences, contributing to developing the two countries’ relations for the benefit of both sides, the spokesman stressed.

Bill H. R. 1410 and Resolution H. Res. 484 were based on erroneous and biased information on the enforcement of human rights in Vietnam, Nghi said, adding that the adoption of the bill and resolution is wrongful and goes counter to the development trend of Vietnam-US relations.-VNA

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