A Vietnamese cargo ship in distress off the coast of West Bengal, India, is being towed 50 nautical miles to Sagar safe shelter, on the evening of July 11, said Director of the Anh Son Marine Transport Company Phan The Vuong.

Earlier, a representative from the company and an expert from Myanmara hired by Anh Son had been in India to coordinate rescue activities since July 6. The representative hired a small boat to bring food and fresh water to the ship.

The ship, which belongs to Anh Son, was shipping timber from the northern port of Hai Phong to India . With 15 crewmen on board, it had been floating adrift and out of control in Indian waters almost 32 nautical miles from shore since June 26. Due to their helpless condition, rough seas, strong winds and shortage of food, the ship sent distress signals.

On receiving news of the incident, the Vietnamese Embassy in India asked for India ’s immediate help for the ship.-VNA