The draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution of Vietnam have been discussed at a seminar in Rajabhat University based in Thailand ’s Ubon Ratchthani province.

Vietnamese and Thai law experts and scholars attended the March 16 together with more than 400 law students of the two countries .

Rajabhat University ’s headmaster, Associate Prof. Dr. Baraxum Phomphan said this is a good opportunity for Thai law experts, researchers and students to understand better Vietnam ’s legal issues and the constitution making process.

He said in the context that the ASEAN is actively preparing for the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, Thailand and other ASEAN countries attach importance to studying the legal system of their neighbours, which will create a foundation for building social relations among them in the future.

Thai researchers paid attention to the issues of human rights, the political, legal and tribunal systems and economic ownership as stipulated in the draft revised Constitution.

They praised Vietnam’s efforts to revamp the Constitution to make it more suitable with the country’s socio-economic situation in the process of international integration and building the ASEAN Economic Community.-VNA