14th National Assembly makes significant impression

The 14th National Assembly from 2016 to 2021 ended with significant imprints made that were highly valued by voters.

Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the 14th National Assembly managed to deploy e-parliament and artificial intelligence in organising meetings. In particular, as the Covid-19 pandemic restricted people’s travel for over a year, the National Assembly conducted several meetings via teleconference for the first time.

The National Assembly’s monitoring work also made good impressions on voters as it focused on several pressing social matters.

Regarding legislative activities, the 14th National Assembly adopted critical laws - 72 laws and 18 resolutions to be exact - which met requirements for Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the new era. The 14th National Assembly also recently completed appointing top leaders with a high level of consensus.

As Vietnam has entered a new phase of development, the innovations during the 14th tenure of the National Assembly are expected to lead the country into an era of prosperity./.