A sound understanding of Vietnam and its positive changes will enable the France- Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV) to devise practical projects for Vietnam and play a constructive role in reinforcing bilateral ties.

Participants to the AAFV’s 15th national congress held in Paris, France, on December 6 shared that viewpoint on the association’s 2014-16 term after hearing a review report delivered by AAFV Secretary General Jean - Pierre Archambault.

During 2011-2014, AAFV has made great contributions to boosting the relations and cooperation between Vietnam and France, the official affirmed.

He said AAFV focused on enhancing political relations, expanding solidarity strengthening activities and popularising Vietnam’s images.

Deputy Secretary General of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations Pham Thi Thai highlighted that AAFV has since 1975 worked tirelessly to bridge the two peoples via wide-ranging introductions on Vietnam as well as charitable projects.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung thanked French friends for helping Vietnam for over the past 50 years, especially in the most difficult period.

He expressed his belief that AAFV will continue to be the driving force participating in the development of the bilateral relations in the coming time.

On this occasion, a national committee was elected before the leading positions are officially selected by January 24, 2015.-VNA