Nearly 430 traffic accidents occurred within the seven days of the Lunar New Year (Tet) nationwide, leaving 246 people dead and 415 injured according to the National Committee for Traffic Safety.

Compared to 2014, there were 32 fewer accidents and 66 fewer injured in 2015, but 32 additional fatalities.

The tragic incidents were the result of traffic violations such as driving without helmets, speeding, and drunk-driving.

During Tet, there were 32,000 violations recorded with 18.5 billion VND (862,149 USD) collected in fines, 223 cars and 7,300 scooters temporarily seized, and almost 1,300 driving licences revoked.

On February 21 alone, the National Committee for Traffic Safety’s hotline received 15 calls and texts regarding elevated public transportation fares as well as increased parking prices at a number of temples and pagodas.

To ensure road safety for the remaining two days of the nine-day long Tet holiday, the chairman of the National Committee for Traffic Safety asked provincial and municipal sub-committees and transport departments to reinforce vehicle examinations and coordinate with traffic police to increase road patrols to promptly deal with law-breakers.-VNA