Additional rendezvous of Hanoi’s specialties cater US taste buds

Vietnamese cuisine in the US has come of age in the past decade or so. However, taste buds are still looking for truly authentic Hanoi specialties, especially for Hanoians in the host country, or people who fall in love with the thousand-year city’s quintessence of foods.

Located in the heart of New York - the world’s most bustling city, “Ten Ten” restaurant has become a new rendezvous for diners, who want to savour Hanoi styled banh mi (baguette), pho, bun thang (chicken vermicelli soup), and a variety of coffee drinks, among others.

Owner of the restaurant, Tran Duc Lam, a young Hanoian man, migrated to the US from 2018. He said, unlike other Vietnamese restaurants in the US, the dishes at “Ten Ten” retain the flavour of the Hanoi cuisine.

With a desire to spread the love of Hanoi foods, “Ten Ten” restaurant is striving to introduce genuine specialties of Vietnam’s capital city to foodies in New York and other big cities in the US./.