At this time of year, the Moc Chau Plateau of Son La province is as beautiful as a fairyland, with thousands of flowers are blooming. White flowers appear on plum trees. They have a pure and fragile beauty in the Northwest sky.

On the first day of Spring, Thai girls will perform the Inh La dance to welcome the Spring. The graceful dance seems to invite the boys back to the village.

Every season in Moc Chau is beautiful because each season has its own typical flower.

Walking together under the blooming flowers of Mu Nau plum valley will surely bring unforgettable emotions in the first days of the New Year. This is one of plum valleys that still has many old plum trees.

Before the majestic but poetic scenery of Moc Chau, treat yourself to a fragrant tea with a golden color like amber and a long sweet aftertaste. Take a sip of tea and feel the beauty of the sunrise or sunset gradually falling on the sky./.