In the next ten years, ten million Vietnamese will become senior citizens, placing social welfare and middle-income-trap burdens on the country, unveiled Professor Dr Nguyen Dinh Cu during a dialogue on population policies held in Ho Chi Minh City on June 17.

In a bid to address the issues, the expert from the Institution for Population, Family and Children Studies proposed improving health-protection awareness, enhancing productivity and creating jobs for the elderly.

According to Ritsu Nacken, Acting Representative of the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) in Vietnam, the Southeast Asian country is in its golden stage of population yet has one of the fastest aging speeds among regional nations.

Thus, Vietnam needs to design a socio-economic development plan including population policies, she emphasised, adding that her agency is willing to assist Vietnam in the matter via technical support and international experience regarding population policies.

She suggested the Government apply flexible retirements and launch skill-training programmes for senior citizens as a way to ensure their income and social welfare.

The dialogue was co-organised by the UNFPA and the VFF with the participation of domestic and foreign experts and representatives from southern provinces.

In the afternoon of the same day, participants commented on the draft population law.-VNA