Airport officers strive to avoid Covid-19 infection

Amid the spread of Covid-19, public security officers at international airports are shouldered with intense pressure of preventing any penetration of the disease into Vietnam while protecting themselves.

As handling immigration requests of international travellers to Vietnam, police officers at Tan Son Nhat international airport are at high stake of contracting the novel coronavirus, which has spreading quickly globally. Though being carefully, they still need to ensure smooth and quick entry and exit procedures to satisfy travellers through the airport.

Tan Son Nhat international airport receives as many as 30,000 passengers entering and exiting Ho Chi Minh City every day, resulting in the officers’ high risk of exposing to the deadly virus. In order to protect them, the Department of Immigration has called for the officers to proactively carry out drastic measures while working. The officers are also equipped with medical face masks, gloves and steriliser in a bid to lower the risk of the spreading of Covid-19.

Public officers at Tan Son Nhat international airport have also closely coordinated with health officers at the airport to timely quarantine suspected cases while ensuring smooth immigration procedure for the others.

As the first destination for international travellers when entering the country, airports could be considered the forefront in the fight against the deadly coronavirus./.