A bronze drum from the Dong Son culture (2,000BC-200AD) has been found at a road construction site in the northern province of Bac Kan, according to researchers from the Vietnam Archaeology Institute.

Professor Trinh Nang Chung, head of the Research Department at the institute, said that the drum bore lots of characteristics of late Dong Son drums.

The latest drum was found in Pac Nam District. It is about 39cm in height with a fairly intact tympan (upper part). The tympan is 66.5cm in diameter, emblazoned with a solar star with 12 rays in the middle. Between the rays, there are successive bands of stylised peacock's feather patterns. There is a small round hole near the middle of the drum head thought to have been used to adjust the drum's echo.

"The drum has a lot in common with those found earlier in other northern provinces of Thai Nguyen, Lang Son and Ha Giang," Chung said, "The finding proves the strong living power of Dong Son culture in the north of the country."-VNA