The Government Inspectorate should closely work with ministries, local departments and sponsors to create favourable conditions for community initiatives to prevent and combat corruption in Vietnam.

The suggestion was made at a seminar held by the Government Inspectorate and the World Bank in Hanoi on May 20 to review the 2011 Vietnam Anti-Corruption Initiative (VACI) programme.

At the event, 34 projects were recognised for their positive impacts on anti-corruption work in localities. The winning projects also made significant contributions to realising the 2011 VACI goal of raising public awareness on the enforcement of anti-corruption law.

As of May 1, 2013, most projects had been completed, satisfying the programme’s requirements.

However, some projects have not been successful due to their lengthy design, failure to define key activities and lack of support from local authorities and relevant agencies.

Representatives suggested that the Government Inspectorate asks the Prime Minister to direct ministries and local departments to study the outcomes of the 2011 VACI and continue to launch the next VACI in 2013.-VNA