Ao Dai Heritage Club makes debut

The Vietnamese Ao Dai Heritage Club recently made its debut in Hanoi. The event promotes traditional cultural values and serves as a platform for Ao Dai enthusiasts to connect, aiding in the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese cultural heritage. The ultimate goal is to create a dedicated cultural space for the Ao Dai and work towards submitting a dossier to UNESCO for its recognition as Vietnam's national costume.

During the event, attendees enjoyed three unique Ao Dai collections by renowned designers Lan Huong, Huong Beful, and Phuong Hang. The performances highlighted traditional and poignant aspects of Hanoi and Vietnamese culture.

The club aims to inspire the younger generation to preserve and promote the Ao Dai both domestically and internationally.

The Ao Dai has long been a cultural symbol deeply embedded in Vietnamese identity, representing Vietnamese women throughout the nation's rich history.

The Vietnamese Ao Dai Heritage Club is a non-profit organisation under the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Conservation Support Fund.

Established on December 28 at the Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hanoi, the club aims to preserve and promote the Ao Dai heritage./.