Arab Vovinam Federation established hinh anh 1Vovinam athletes are competing (Photo: VNA)

Algiers (VNA) – The Arab Vovinam (Vietnamese martial art) Federation was officially set up during a conference held by Arab countries’ Vovinam federations in Algeria on December 7 and 8.

Mohamed Djouadj, Chairman of the Algerian Vovinam Federation, Chairman of the African Vovinam Federation and Vice Chairman of the World Vovinam Federation, was elected as head of the newly-established federation.

Chairman of the World Vovinam Federation Mai Huu Tin praised the role of the Algerian Vovinam Federation and its president in promoting the development of the martial art and in uniting Vovinam federations in the Arab region.

He said the establishment of the Arab Vovinam Federation will create favourable conditions for its members to participate in word-level competitions and pledged to support Vovinam practice in Africa and in the Arab league.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Africa Pham Quoc Tru stated the Vietnamese Government and embassy are willing to aid Vovinam practice and competition activities in Algeria and other Arab countries.

Within the framework of the conference, an international competition took place in Algeria on December 7 and 8, gathering nearly 150 Vovinam athletes from 12 nations, including Italy, Romania, Belgium, and Egypt. The host nation topped the medal tally. 

After more than eight decades of development, Vovinam has to date attracted over 4 million leaners in more than 70 countries and territories. The martial art, based on the principle of combining between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, is practiced with and without weapons. It is not only about the training of the body but also of the mind.

Introduced to Algeria in the 1970s, Vovinam has become popular and is now being practised by over 20,000 people across the African country.-VNA