The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) has helped Vietnam confirm identification of people missing after wartime battles, said EAAF President Louis Fondebrider.

The cooperative plan was established in October, 2010 following the Vietnamese Government’s request for technical assistance on the issue, Argentinean press cited the EAAF president as saying.

Last year, two EAAF experts came to Vietnam to provide training in forensic anthropology and identification of remains in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City .

The group also welcomed t wo officials from the Vietnam National Institute of Forensic Anthropology to gain experience at its headquarters in Cordoba province last December.

According to Fondebrider, the two sides will cooperate in the search for the remains of missing soldiers and also confirm identification of natural disaster victims.

Maria Mercedes Salado , who came to Vietnam to provide training , said Argentinean experts will return to Vietnam in the coming months for further specific assistance. The EAAF will invite Vietnamese officials, including those from the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Defence, to Argentina for training.

More than one million people were reported missing during the war that ended almost four decades ago.

The EAAF is a non-governmental scientific organisation with experience in forensic anthropology and genetics./.