Article 6: People in rear give love to Truong Sa garrisons hinh anh 1 People in the rear give love toTruong Sa garrisons (Photo: Vietnam+)

Khanh Hoa (VNA) - To Truong Sa soldiers, having the understanding from people in the rear, especially from their wives, is great encouragement, a motivation for them to feel secure to work, considering the island their home and sea as their countryside, day and night clinging to the sea to protect the country.

Dreaming of the island while sleeping

Born in 1991, captain Trinh The Hai got married not long after making friend with his current wife through Zalo in 2018 during his annual leave.

‘Before getting married and returning to Truong Sa, I had to persuade her to make her feel secure.  I said I am a Truong Sa soldier. If you accept it, we would get married because I have to leave in 10 days. She agreed. When seeing me off, she said she is proud of me and asked me not to worry,’ Hai told us.

The first Lunar New Year after getting married, Hai could not stay at home. However, via phone, his wife and relatives always encourage the young soldier to accomplish his mission. Trinh The Hai had gone through 3 Tet festival away from home and 2 times being elected as head of the island.

‘Whenever taking a leave to the homeland, I often dream of the island while sleeping. The island in my eyes is like a paradise, there is no place as sacred as the island. That’s why I always want to stick with the sea and island of my homeland,’ Captain Trinh The Hai added.

During the trip to visit Truong Sa this time, the story that left the most impression on us was the article about the island soldier - Lieutenant Tran Dinh Diep by his daughter Tran Le Ngoc Anh. During his 4 years in Truong Sa, the Nghe An soldier was away from his small family, but thanks to the care and encouragement of his wife and daughter, he was always cheerful and accomplished well his duty.

Article 6: People in rear give love to Truong Sa garrisons hinh anh 2Lieutenant Tran Dinh Diep on duty on Truong Sa lon (Photo;Vietnam+)

“In 2008, I started my mission on An Bang Island. About 1 month after, my wife gave birth to our first child at home. When I was allowed to leave, my daughter was 14 months. The first time she met me, when she heard her mother say, 'That’s papa Diep,' she gave me a hand to hold. Her gestures make me dumbfounded. After that, the two of us kept hugging each other,” Diep recalled.

Looking at the children playing on the island, Diep smiled: “When my daughter was in grade 2, the teacher asked the pupils to write an article about the most memorable memory with family members. My child wrote about me when I came home to visit. She wrote ‘That day, Dad didn't notice in advance, quietly waited for me at the school gate. When I finished school, I saw him from far, I shouted his name and rushed to hug my island soldier.'

Article 6: People in rear give love to Truong Sa garrisons hinh anh 3Resident living in Truong Sa lon (Photo:Vietnam+)

Nourishing love through letters from Truong Sa

On a trip to the islands of the Spratly archipelago this time, there was a special soldier. He got married his wife thanks to the romantic letters sent from Truong Sa. He used to be the deputy commander and then commander of Da Nam Island. 25 years ago, he said goodbye to Truong Sa and returned home after 2 years on mission on the island. It was Colonel Duong Minh Hien, Deputy Chief Commander, Military Command of Nghe An province.

In a story with VietnamPlus, Mr. Hien said that from his days away from the island, he always wanted to come back to Truong Sa where he used to have many memories of his love.

“During my time on Da Nam Island, my wife and I wrote a lot of letters to each other. Each letter includes our love and also encouragement for me to fulfill the task. Thanks to that, we came together,” Hien shared.

After 2 years on Truong Sa, in December 1993, soldier Duong Nam Hien returned to the mainland to receive a new task. Deep in love with the beloved Truong Sa, Hien named his first son Duong Nam Khanh. The son's name is also the combination of  Da Nam island and Khanh Hoa province, where he once considered the second home which was associated with his youth ... /.

Article 6: People in rear give love to Truong Sa garrisons hinh anh 4Delegation no. 9 visit soldiers and residents on Truong Sa lon (Photo: Vietnam+)