The southern province of Bac Lieu hosted a get-together on February 7 to mark the 45th anniversary of Spring Mau Than 1968 General offensive and uprising.

Prominent among 500 participants were nearly 90 historical witnesses including those directly involved in the fight which started on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Nguyen Khue, Head of the provincial Party Committee’s Department for Propaganda and Education, stressed the historic meaning of the event, which forced the US to halt its bombing of northern Vietnam and join negotiations in Paris .

With the iron will to fight for independence and freedom and strong belief in victory of the resistance war, troops and people in the province took part in the General offensive and uprising on the first day of Lunar Year 1968 (Mau Than 1968).

They attacked targets in Bac Lieu town, contributing to the success of the uprising, which also built the foundation for the province’s triumph in the General offensive and uprising Spring 1975.

During the meeting, historical witnesses reminisced about unforgettable memories in the fierce attack.
To mark this historic event, on the same day Bac Lieu province inaugurated a memorial stele in Bac Lieu city, which is the symbol of the unyielding spirit of Bac Lieu’s troops and people.-VNA