About 100km from the mainland, Bach Long Vy district island, one of the eight major fishing grounds in the Tonkin Gulf, is focusing on building itself into a centre for fishery logistic services and search and rescue - a firm support for fishermen when going out to sea.

Embracing a strategic position and significant importance in national defence, security and the maritime economy, the district island has invested over 1 trillion VND (47.6 million USD) in developing its infrastructure.

A port and an anchorage in the south of the island were put into operation in 2011, creating a breakthrough in fishery logistic services in the region.

A number of works and projects serving the development of fishing logistic services, such as fresh water, fuel and other necessities, as well as those for seafood processing and purchasing are also now operational.

The island is also important for its function as a search and rescue centre, which serves as a storm shelter for about 20,000 boats every year, while coordinating with other information units in the mainland to help fishermen in distress at sea.

Vice Chairman of the Bach Long Vy People’s Committee Dao Trong Tue said rescuing and supporting fishermen have become a frequent, even everyday task of the local authorities and people.

The most recent case occurred on March 2, when the fishing ship TH 90991-TS with a capacity of 320 CV, captained by Pham Van Hanh from Minh Loc commune, Hau Loc district, central Thanh Hoa province, was sunk during a stormy night, leaving eight fishermen missing.

Receiving the information, the local authorities and the Border Guard, in coordination with local fishermen, successfully rescued seven sailors. The sailors were then given money and food so they could return to their families.

Vu Van Cu, head of the fisheries pan-network in Lap Le commune, Thuy Nguyen district, said that every year, hundreds of thousands of fishing boats nationwide flock to the fishing grounds in the region. As small boats cannot stay at sea for a long time without assistance, the establishment of a logistic services centre in Bach Long Vy is a great way for them to stay longer at sea.

According to Chairman of the Bach Long Vy People’s Committee Bui Duc Quang, the district will stick to its goal of becoming a centre for fishery logistic services, and search and rescue.

The district is completing the infrastructure system for the port, anchorage and other supporting works with a 86.5 billion project to build an anchorage in the southwest of the island being accelerated, he added.-VNA