Bank customers warned of message scams hinh anh 1Bank customers have been warned of a new type of scam involving official-looking messages (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Ministry of Public Security has issued a warning over a new type of scam where apparent official bank messages are sent to customers to appropriate money.

Unlike the use of unregistered SIM cards, the scammers have sent messages to customers under the names of bank brands, also known as SMS Brand Name.

Through various sources, the scammers learn customers’ personal information and send them fake messages which include links to fraudulent bank websites.

The messages say that the mobile phone accounts will be invalid if users do not update their details online or say that points can be exchanged for gifts. The messages link to websites where customers can sign up for the gifts.

The websites include official-looking logos and designs. After clicking the links, customers are required to fill their name, password and OTP code.

After the account is logged in, the scammers use customers’ information to transfer money, top up credit cards, register for online loans and appropriate huge sums of money.

The scam has been recently reported in many localities.

The ministry said the new tricks are very sophisticated and customers struggle to tell the difference between fake and authentic websites.

According to the public security ministry, the scams are extremely dangerous as the scammers might represent State agencies to send fake news to users.

The ministry has warned customers to carefully check message content before responding to messages or signing up for offers.

Official websites of organisations and businesses have a symbol of a key next to ‘https’ in their URLs, the ministry said.

Bank customers are advised to call customer service hotlines or ask for advice from experienced people when receiving suspect messages.

They should also report fake messages to banks and authorities for further investigation.

Customers should regularly change passwords of their online banking accounts and take measures to protect their information.

The public security ministry has asked authorities to take measures to crack down on the scam./.