From the early evening of March 23, the atmosphere in Tay Ta Hien street started to get busy again.

Many young people invite each other to this neighborhood to eat, play, and entertain.

Restaurants in Ta Hien reopened, many shops also spread tables and chairs down the street.

Especially today, bars and karaoke are allowed to reopen.

Owners have carefully prepared the service to welcome guests.

Due to the first reopening day, many bars and pubs are still in a deserted scene

According to information, the Hanoi People's Committee has agreed to allow bars, karaoke, and discotheques to reopen from March 23rd but must ensure compliance with regulations on prevention of COVID-19 such as disinfection and staff must wear masks during service.

Although Vietnam is initially controlling the epidemic, people should not be subjective and neglectful.

Restaurants, karaoke, and pubs that are crowded with people must raise the issue of disease prevention in public places./.