Be judicious in showing patriotism hinh anh 1A view of Van Don district of Quang Ninh (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units of Van Don, Bac Van Phong and Phu Quoc has been a hot topic not only at the on-going fifth session of the 14th National Assembly but also on the mass media during recent days.

At the centre of attention are proposed regulations related to land lease duration of up to  99 years for some special cases and the safeguard of national sovereignty as all the three special zones are located in areas of critical importance in terms of security and national defence.

Lawmakers have discussed the bill with care and high sense of responsibility, and representatives of the agencies designing and submitting the bill as well as Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung have talked to the media on the sidelines of the NA discussions to clarify many issues related to the draft documents.

Due to a vast difference in opinions, on June 7, the NA held a session to discuss feedback and ideas on the bill and adjustments to it.

After thoroughly considering various aspects of the issue and opinions of NA deputies, scientists, economists, experts, voters and people across the country, the NA Standing Committee agreed with the Government to amend the bill in the direction of removing stipulations on special cases in which land in the special administrative-economic units can be rented for up to 99 years.

At the same time, with the aim to give more time to perfect the bill, the NA Standing Committee asked the NA to delay the discussion and vote on the bill until the next NA session.

The Government has also released an official statement on its proposal to the NA to delay the approval of the bill in order to have more time to research and complete the bill, ensuring that the version submitted to and approved by the NA meets the requirements and aspirations of NA deputies and voters, while satisfying the Government’s target of successfully building the three special zones and protecting national security, defence and sovereignty.

Over the land lease period, the Government will ask the NA to apply regulations as prescribed in the Land Law without stipulating on special land lease of up to 99 years in special economic zones.

The amendments with high spirit of self-improvement showed that the NA and Government have always listened to and respected the legitimate wish of NA deputies, voters and people from all walks of life. The decision received support from legislators and voters, who said prudence is necessary before issuing a new and important policy that influences not only the socio-economic situation but also defence and security.

However, it is regrettable that over the past several days, some political opportunists took the advantage of the public’s feeling to spread calls under the cover of “patriotism” to incite people to take to the streets, gather in large numbers and event attack in-duty forces, thus causing social disorder and creating the impression of “instability”, which went against the efforts and determination of the State and people in building a country of peace, stability, democracy and civilisation.

This is not the first time such plots has been implemented by the opportunists with the aim of undermine the State and overthrow the administration. Over the past years, many of their schemes have been uncovered, and many saboteurs have confessed their guilt and received punishments in accordance with the law.

Each voter and person should show their patriotism in a judicious, constructive and lawful manner, thus contributing to building a happy, peaceful and prosperous life for everyone and firmly safeguarding the nation against sabotage schemes of hostile forces.-VNA