Silly municipality in Belgium’s Hainaut province is hosting a Vietnamese culture week to honour the Southeast Asian country’s rich culture.

The event was kicked off on October 10 with an exhibition of paintings by overseas Vietnamese painter Thi Truong Minh, a display of photographs depicting Vietnamese people and land taken by Silly residents, and a traditional drum performance staged by Vietnamese artists.

Currently taking place at the Silly Culture Centre, about 50km away from Brussels, there will have classes taught how to cook Vietnamese food instructed by Vietnamese expatriates.

Vietnam’s scenery attractions such as Ha Long Bay, Hue imperial capital, Phu Quoc island and the Mekong Delta will be introduced.

The culture week will be wrapped up by the screening of “Scent of Green Papaya”, a movie directed by Vietnamese- French director Tran Anh Hung telling a story in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City today) in 1950s, and “Discover the world of Vietnam- Au Co and Lac Long Quan”, a work of Chistian Verot featuring Vietnam with beautiful and peaceful landscapes and friendly people.-VNA