Bien Hoa boasts a heritage of ancient pottery

According to researchers, Bien Hoa pottery is the only Vietnamese pottery brand recognized internationally, renowned for its distinctive "verdigris glaze with floral patterns." The intricate details and characteristic glaze infused by artisans into each product have garnered admiration for Bien Hoa pottery from enthusiasts both domestically and abroad.

Along the picturesque banks of the Dong Nai River lies a pottery village with dozens of production facilities.

Opposite the once-bustling trading port of Cu Lao Pho stands the ancient Phong Son pottery kiln, built in the late 19th century, nearly 200 years ago.

Though many parts have decayed over time, the main structure of the ancient kiln remains intact.

According to Bien Hoa pottery artisans, the types of pottery that have made Bien Hoa’s name include black clay pottery and decorative pottery. The main materials for producing Bien Hoa pottery are clay and kaolin.

Experts and researchers believe the value of ancient Bien Hoa pottery lies in its unique glaze, known as "verdigris with floral patterns" (vert de Bien Hoa), which no other pottery possesses.

Some researchers suggest that the appeal of Bien Hoa pottery, aside from the aforementioned factors, lies in the cultural fusion of Vietnamese, Hoa and Cham pottery traditions. This cultural blend is a unique feature that few other pottery traditions possess.

As a long-time potter, Ms. Nhi and her fellow artisans are passionately committed to engaging the younger generation in the art of pottery. Their dedication underscores a broader effort to preserve the essence of ancient Bien Hoa pottery, ensuring that this cherished tradition not only endures but flourishes for generations to come./.