A Japanese tuna company has urged tuna fishermen in Vietnam’s central Binh Dinh province to update their fishing techniques and facilities if they are to export tuna to Japan.

In a tour of the locality on March 13, Kotaro Wakiguchi, President of Yamasa Wakiguchi, the largest tuna provider in Japan, said the poor quality of infrastructure was lowering the quality of local fish and preventing them from entering the Japanese market.

He proposed that Binh Dinh should buy or hire an advanced fishing vessel from Japan in a bid to improve the situation.

Tran Thi Thu Ha, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said the measure is hardly possible due to the price of hiring a modern ship costs up to 4 billion VND per month (168,411 USD).

She hoped for greater cooperation between her province and Japanese enterprises, including Yamasa Wakiguchi, through which fishermen can have opportunities to add more value to their fish.

In Japan, normal tuna is worth 8-15 USD per kilogram and high quality tuna costs up to 242 USD per kilogram.

Meanwhile, in Binh Dinh, one kilogram of tuna can sold for only 100,000 VND (5 USD), meaning local businesses are running at a loss. Even if the fish are of suitable standard to export to Japan, transporting and warehousing charges still surpass earnings.-VNA