Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing Househeld a seminar on the translation and publication of the book “Bac Ho viet Di chuc” (Uncle Ho writes the Testament) in Russian.

The seminar was held in collaboration with Association of Vietnamese in the Russian Federation and Sveta Glazunova, an expert on Vietnamese studies.

President Ho Chi Minh's book is one of the most important books of the Su that (Truth) National Political Publishing House. The works written by and about him published by Su that are very diverse and plentiful. These works have received great responses and anticipation from the readers.

The author of the book “Bac Ho viet Di chuc” is Mr. Vu Ky, who was the secretary of President Ho Chi Minh.

“Bac Ho viet Di chuc” is an important book on the topic of President Ho Chi Minh. His testament is a priceless historical document exuding the vigor, the optimistic spirit of a "great mind, great man, great hero."

These are the words of President Ho Chi Minh’s conscientious guidance and also all His wishes in life./.