A book titled “The battles in the skies of Vietnam (1965-1975) – A view from both sides” made its debut on October 29 in Hanoi , providing readers and researchers with an overall and unbiased insight into the air combat and victories of the Vietnam Air Force in the period.

The seven-member writing team gathered the thoughts and memories of commanders and pilots directly involved in the battles.

In addition to precious historical information about the battles, the book also comments on the successful military tactics used by both sides in the fights. In many cases, victories were secured by the Vietnam Air Force thanks to a perfect combination of pilots’ bravery and the strategic vision of commanders.

Speaking at the book launch, Lieutenant General Nguyen Duc Soat, former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army and a book advisor, said this is the first written resource that provides detailed information from both sides so that readers can make comparisons.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Tran Hanh, former Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnam Air Force, said although the interpretation of each battle may differ between all involved parties, the writers has succeed in studying and analysing them in the most objective manner possible.

He said he hopes the book will make younger generations of pilots proud and increase their awareness of the important responsibility they hold safeguarding the country’s skies.-VNA