Angkor Wat Temple (Source: AP)
Phnom Penh (VNA) – The main road alongside Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple is now off-limits to cars, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced in a Facebook post on May 3.

From now on, only tourists walking by foot and cyclists are allowed to travel on the road in front of Angkor Wat Temple, he said, adding that all vehicles, except for fire engines or ambulance, are prohibited.

The move aims to ease traffic congestion for tourist safety and the beauty of the temple, the prime minister explained.

According to the spokesman of the Apsara Authority, a government agency that manages the Angkor complex, the new rule applies to a 300-metre stretch of road in front of the UNESCO World Heritage and a new parking area has been built near the temple.

Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s biggest tourist attraction in Siem Reap province.-VNA