Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV)’s legislators in charge of external relations gathered in Cambodia’s northeastern province of Mondulkiri to discuss the role of national assemblies in supporting the Development Triangle Area.

The Vietnamese delegation to the 5th meeting of committees for external affairs of CLV’s national assemblies from April 23-26 was led by Tran Van Hang, Chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly’s Committee for External Affairs.

Delegates debated various fields, exchanging opinions in order to accelerate regional development. They also applauded the joint declaration of the 7 th CLV Development Triangle Summit held in Vientiane in March.

They appreciated the efforts of the CLV Joint Coordination Committee in implementing the Master Plan on regional preferential policies which will be completed in two years.

During the opening ceremony, Nguon Nhel, First Vice-President of the Cambodian National Assembly said this meeting will improve cooperation among the three nations’ legislative bodies and support their governments in promoting the development of the Triangle Area through economic growth, poverty reduction, and socio-cultural advancement.

The delegates agreed to support the governments and their provinces to develop the rubber industry, which is a priority among the three sides.

They also reached a high degree of unanimity in promoting the establishment of vocational training schools, and strongly committed to environmental protection and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Additionally, the meeting proposed to set up a new CLV inter-parliament mechanism, including sub-committees and specialist groups.

The next meeting will be held in Laos next year.-VNA